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Hand-crafted, fluffy, monstrous doughnuts to satiate your sweet tooth


Nuggs of History

Already loved for her vegan bakery, Celine Beltgens started Valkyrie Doughnuts in 2016 in Orlando, FL with the cool-as-hell Steven Brinkman as chef de doughnuts. The doughnuts were big and square and the flavors were always big and fun. We're still doing it that way.


Aja Willette
Always the best! One of my favorite donut shops. The cookie butter (filled) is my all time favorite, strawberry shortcake, French toast, Boston cream and glazed are all fantastic. Clean shop, friendly staff, always posting the donuts of the day on social media and letting us know...
LaShonda Renea Maxfield
First time coming. So many creative flavor combos. I enjoyed the lavender lemon donut. The donut holes were great the day I bought them but not the next day…. I’ll make sure I go early next time and eat the same day.
Taylor Norris
Amazing selection of vegan donuts!!!! Couldn’t be happier with our visit. We spent roughly $55 after a tip, and bought a dozen LARGE yeast donuts and 2 silk chocolate milks. Loved this place and wish we had one close to home.
Luisa V
I generally hate donuts but I LOVE Valkyrie donuts! They are the BEST donuts I have EVER had. The donuts are soft, fluffy, moist, and flavorful. They are beyond a regular donut and the daily rotation of flavors makes you want to come everyday and try them. If you haven't tried...
Lauren Brigman
Great donuts! (Maybe cronuts?) Everything tasted fresh and each flavor was a good mix. I don’t know how to explain it but standard fillings were standard (like lemon and Boston) and unique filling tasted handmade (like the cookie butter) Donuts are $4 each and will definitely...
Lindsay Best
Vegan donuts! Lot’s and lots of vegan donut options. They are all delicious. The whole office enjoyed them. I’m the only vegan in our office. It was great to see everyone enjoying these delicious plant based sweet treats. We sampled them and they are all equally delicious.
Lindsey Tuttle-Cox
These doughnuts are amazing! We live pretty far from the store, but every once in awhile my family makes a special trip to come get doughnuts. I love the French Toast and Fruity Pebbles doughnuts. My husband loves anything guava filled and the Ube doughnut. My son loves the...
Eric Wright
Just stopped in and, although alone, the fellow working took amazing care of us. He helped us choose our donuts and was super polite. The donuts themselves are ridiculously amazing, tender, sweet and savory. We opted for the Purple Yam, Samoa, Guava Cream Cheese, Strawberry...
Taylor Daugherty
Oh my god. Their donuts are incredible (and vegan). The french toast donut is my current favorite. They are so creative and aren’t overly decorated to the point they aren’t edible anymore like other donut shops. I love their variety, and am so happy every time I visit!